What is: Benzoin Esennetial oil:
Styrax Benzoin possesses a sweet, warming, rich, vanilla-like aroma with resinous undertones. It is derived from the resin of the Styrax Benzoin tree. I've also heard reference to this tree being called the Gum Benjamin Gum. Styrax Benzoin Resin has traditionally been used in incense applications. The resin normally is available in chunks or can be powderized just prior to use (the powder will re-harden if left too long). Emotionally, Styrax Benzoin Absolute is calming and grounding. In Chakra work, it is a recommended oil for use with the Root Chaka. Stryax Benzoin blend well with other resinous oils like Frankincense or Myrrh. It also blends well with wood oils like Sandalwood and Cedarwood. It marries well with a hint of Vetiver and/or Patchouli. With its vanilla-like character, Styrax Benzoin has a special affinity for use with citrus essential oils. I especially like it with characteristically "orange" oils that include Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Tangerine and Bergamot. It likely smells divine blended with Yuzu Essential Oil.

I traditionally diffuse Benzoin using my candle diffuser. Because it is so thick, it should not be used in nebulizing diffusers or any style diffusing apparatus that doesn't work well with thick oils.

Styrax Benzoin may cause sensitization. Topically, use it with extreme care and in low dilutions


What is Benzoin Essential oil family:

Why should use Benzoin Essential oil:
Helps for Bronchitis and Coughing
Helps for Laryngitis
Helps for Arthritis

Helps for Chapped Skin

What are best to combine with Benzoin Essential oil:
bergamot, coriander, frankincense, juniper, lavender, lemon, myrrh, orange, petitgrain, rose and sandalwood


What is Benzoin Essential oil fragrance:
smells rich, warm, slightly woody, creamy and has vanilla-like characteristics

How is Benzoin Essential oil extracted:
solvent extraction

How to storage Benzoin Essential oil:
Store in a cool dark place, use within 12months after opened

How to use Benzoin Essential oil safely:

For external use only.
Prevent eye and other sensitive areas contact.
Do not place any any concentrated oli (organic, natural, absolutes…) directly on the skin.
If you have any meical issues or you are pregnant use any kind of essential oils only under careful supervision of a healthcare professional.
Do not use essential oils on children under 5 years old.
A skin patch check should be carried out before using an essential oil you have never used before.
Naturally occurring allergens: Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Eugenol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Isoeugenol and Linalool.

10 ml Benzoin Essential Oil (Dilute/Dpg)

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