Seasoning mix with garlic and parsley. Amazing taste! For a strong taste of garlic, Agliata with garlic and parsley is the ideal choice. Suitable for seasoning and refining of vegetables, salads, fish, meat, cheese, and mushroom, potato dishes. Also ideal for garlic butter, garlic bred and dips.

Do you fancy garlic bread? Then simply season a little butter with Agliata, spread this on your bread, and place it in the oven. And those who do not like cloves of garlic in their fondue will find the ideal substitute in the seasoning mix.


  • Dried garlic (Allium sativum) 19%, maltodextrin, iod. table salt, palm. fat, dried parsley 12%, sugar, table salt, rapeseed oil, dried green onion, hydrogenated rapeseed oil, anti-caking agent, dried chives, dried shallots, spinach powder.
  • Attention: Does not contain gluten.Glutamate free. GMP certificate. Without preservatives according to law and without flavour enhancing additives.
  • Keep tin tightly closed. Protect from heat and humidity! Do not use if you are allergic to components.
  • Content: 150 g (75 portionen).


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