The hypersonic aroma diffuser Nuvolleta (�Cloud�) combines functions of an aroma lamp, humidifier and a sophisticated interior decoration. This innovative hypersonic device splits the mixture of water and essential oils into a set of microparticles, converting them into cold mist. Active ingredients of essential oils cleanse, deodorize and humidify room air. The diffuser has a light that changes color (7 colors). The aroma diffuser makes a exquisite and stylish gift and will become the center of attreffect in your home.

Hypersonic aroma diffuser Nuvolleta

  • Please read the manual carefully before use! Open the cover, pour some water into the tank, add essential oils and plug in while following the instructions. Precautions: A. Keep the diffuser on a stable flat surface. Use lukewarm water � tap, drinking or mineral water. Do not use corrosive liquids! B. The special tank is to be filled with water (50-120 ml). C. Water-soluble essential oils are recommended. D. If the diffusor is tipped over during use, some water may get into its inner cover. Unplug the device, pour out the water and put it in ventilated area for 3 days.

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