Be vital � stay vital! Amazing taste! Organic Swiss vegetable clear soup. Be vital � stay vital! Amazing taste! The distinguished way to refine your dishes. With excellent vegetable taste and only the best ingredients.

Swiss vegetable bouillon contains granular vegetables. Low calorie and fat free vegetable bouillon with vitamins and minerals, source of ionized iodine. Vegetable clear soup can be used for cooking and seasoning: soups, sauces, pasta, meat, fish, side dishes etc. You can drink as a ready bouillon with a hot water from a mug. Brings the freshest treasures from the garden into your kitchen! Easy to take with you for work or a trip.


  • low-cal (minimum of fats and 0 of carbohydrates)
  • source of minerals, microelements and iodine
  • normalizes intestinal peristalsis
  • prevents putrescent flora proliferation
  • normalizes cholepoiesis and juices production
  • quick-dissolving, good for express food
  • does not contain vegetable proteins or lactose



  • express food, balanced food
  • deficit of microelements and iodine
  • chronic gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • dysbacteriosis, digestive disturbances
  • obesity, cellulites, weight loss and shape correction program
  • reducing and low-cal diet

Vegetable bouillon

    • 1 litre of water: dissolve 1 tablespoon of Vegetable Bouillon powder (18 g) in litre of hot or cold water. (500 g, 7 litres of broth). Vary the amount to find your personal preference. (Tip: Put it instead of salt into the cooking water).
    • Ingredients: soy condiment, iodinated salt,salt, yeast extract, dried vegetables (celery, turmeric), onion powder. Produced in Switzerland. GMP certified. 500g
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