Why Vivasan

The company Vivasan holds its leading positions at the european market for already more than 20 years. Such well known swiss companies as Dr. DÜNNER AG, INTRACOSMED AG, OSWALD GmbH, ELIXAN GmbH, GELPELL produce the highest quality therapeutic and cosmetic products, as well as numerous nutritional supplements under the trademark of VIVASAN.

The basis of products are well selected, medicinal herbs and plants collected on certified organic and environmentally friendly farms in Switzerland, which are located in the Alpine and pre-Alpine regions, as well as at the unique biosphere reservation under the guidance of UNESCO. VIVASAN’s philosophy is to produce the highest quality products for human health without harming the environment. “Nature was my favorite University” Alfred Vogel, Swiss naturopath Medicinal herbs are delicate plants with a hidden huge force of Nature, that are endowed with valuable substances and medicinal properties.

    What is taken into account in the process of production of the medicines is really the traditional knowledge of Swiss manufacturers concerning the collecting, drying and extraction of medicinal plants, together with modern technologies and the latest laboratory research. Food additives produced in Switzerland comply with all strict rules of pharmaceutical production, which meets the highest requirements of GMP — quality standard is always a priority of regulations. Our manufacturers allow testing and analysing all raw materials and final medicinal and cosmetic products by independent agencies, such as the Federal and cantonal laboratories of Switzerland.


    We care about Nature Our partner factories use only the «green» energy of renewable resources — hydroelectric power stations of the Swiss Alps. To contribute to global climate protection, producers control carbon dioxide emissions, engage in organic farming, and participate in «Pro Specie Rar» funds programs. Cooperation with «BirdLife Switzerland» is aimed at preserving, protecting and improving the quality of the environment, including the protection of the natural habitat of wild «flora and fauna» and is the most important goal pursued by our producers. Health and life in harmony with nature is a conscious responsibility of each person.

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